Leenda Bonilla - Artist

with Antonio Ramos

Artist Antonio Ramos


This was a great collaborative. I was asked to participate as decorative performance for Choreographer Antonio Ramos' work "In the Arena, Not Everything is Pink".  Friend and Artistic & General Director at Pepatian connected me with Antonio who was looking for someone to had a background in hair and makeup (which I do) to blow out and flat iron half of his hair on stage while his dancers did a performance. I still wasn't to clear about the direction but when I saw the mass of hair he had.... I knew that this would be a very interesting collaboration.


I've been doing hair and makeup since I pick up sister's blue eyeliner in the early 80s and was self taught. I figured I get my NYS license in esthetics when I work in corporate back in early 2000s. Anywho, I've always worked with makeup and hair behind the scenes and participating in this performance was made me excited and nerve-wrecked. 


Below is the promo card for the show held at Hostos Community College's Center of Arts and Culture.


I've added the video and appear in about 28 min into the show. It was quite an experience!



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