Leenda Bonilla - Artist

Concept of Pisa Piel 2.0

The StatusHoe Collective creates works of art that emerge from life, challenge world perceptions and thoughts while experienced in real time. This is a collaboration of artists from various origins but converged to form a unique that invited public to view, play, reflect and dialogue. The SHC are Susanne Bifano, Leenda Bonilla, Edwin Gonzalez-Ojeda, and Susan Natacha Gonzalez.

Skin Stepper | Pisa Piel 2.0 is an appropriation of the Game Twister that challenges the lack of diversity on the catwalk. The traditional colors are replaced with four skin tones. The artists emcees sported tshirts, displaying one of the flesh tone dots featuring a provocative quote from a fashion icon that brings the issue to light. Passersby along 14th Street in NYC had the opportunity to play and twist with all kinds.

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